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WELCOME BACK! Please refer to our page for this week's schedule.  All grades (9-12) report on Wednesday, August 8th to the school by 7:45am and in class by 7:50am........Here is a message from our Principal Lynn Kaho'ohalahala:  "Aloha Families of Lahainaluna! this is a message from Lynn Kahoohalahala, Principal of Lahainaluna High School. This message is to inform you about an important change at Lahainaluna High School beginning with the first day of school. The school will no longer be ringing bells for the beginning or end of the school day, to change classes or go to recess and lunch.  Please have your student wear a watch or have some other way of telling time when they come to school. Students are still responsible for arriving at school on time, be in class on time, staying in class for the entire class time, etc. The schedule is the same (printed in the student planner) but there will be no bells. Students will be accountable for being where they are to be on time, just like the real world. Again, students will need a watch or a way of telling time."  Mahalo
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News & Announcements

LHS ILC HOSA Team placed 2nd in Health Education World Competition!

Congratulations to our Lahainaluna ILC HOSA team! The team of Alexis Matias, Krizhna Bayudan, and Anjanette Aveno placed 2nd Place in Health Education!! That's 2nd place among High school students around the world! Also, special congratulations to Nikki Zamani who placed in the Top 10 in the Physical Therapy category and Rowel Angasay /Isabella Omura who advanced in the 2nd round of the Health Career Display. Congratulations to all! I mua Lahainaluna! Photos are by Malia Shimomura, HOSA Advisor.
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Graduation Night (Sunday, May 27, 2018) is here! 6:30pm at Sue D. Cooley Stadium.

Good morning all! Graduation day/night is here so please take note of the following.

1) The main gate will be locked today.

2) The main gate will be opened at 3:00pm for alumni or volunteers who are going up to Mount Pu'u Pa'u Pa'u to light up the "L". Meeting area is at the administration building parking lot. Welcome back Alumni!

2) The main gate will open at 4pm for Class of 2018 graduates and students/alumni who will be playing for the band. Girls are to report to the Samuel Mo'okini Chorus Room while the boys report to boys locker room (revised 2:35pm)

3) The main gate will open at 4:30pm for families and friends. You will be directed to park. If you have people who need assistance, please tell the volunteers at the main gate. Stadium gates open at 5pm and reserved seating is available until 6:15pm. Graduation starts at 6:30pm. Only designated people can be on the field.

4) If you have balloons, signs, inflatables, umbrellas or a lot of leis, please put them at the back of the press box. They will not be permitted on the seating stands. It would be wise to designated someone to look over your things.

5) After the graduates walk to their designated areas on the track and the emcee has officially calls the graduation to be over, people from the stands may go to their child's designated area. Please be courteous to others and do not rush on to the track. We want to ensure everyone's safety.

6) As stated on the website and on the school's official Facebook page, please do not go on to the field and high heels or spiked shoes are not permitted as it can damage the track. Mahalo!

7) Please keep in mind that your child may be going to Project Grad. Check in is at Hale Pa'ina or our cafeteria located past the administration building.

8) Please drive safely to home.

For any questions, please send an email here or message us on Facebook. Please keep in mind that we will try to answer as soon as possible until 2pm. Any questions, please see our volunteers at the main gate. Mahalo and Congratulations!
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