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Thursday, April 19:  8:00am MIL Boys and Girls Tennis Tournament at Lahaina Civic Center Tennis Courts.......12:17pm Graduation Emcee Audition at Hale Na'auao I-2.......12:17pm Poetry Club Meeting at Hale Puke K-14.........2:15pm After School Classes (English & Social Studies)..........2:15pm After School Detention (Please see Mr. Simms).....2:15pm After School Tutor Lab at Hale Puke K-11......2:15pm Concert Band Rehearsal at Samuel Mo'okini Band Room......4:00pm Victorino Ohana Invitational Trials at War Memorial Stadium....Good luck to all!
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Registration and Records » Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal Procedures

Parents must accompany their child when withdrawing from Lahainaluna. 

Please allow two days to complete the process--Day 1: submit all paperwork; Day 2: last day and pick up release packet..


At least 24 hours prior to the release:

1.  Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the Request for Release Form in person in the Registrar's Office.

q Reason for release must be given along with new school, address, and/or proof of enrollment (blue form)

q  McKinney Vento (ivory form--required for all enrollments & releases)

2. Before leaving LHS, the student must circulate the Clearance Form to all current teachers and appropriate offices.

q Teachers will initial and mark the withdrawal grade along with any outstanding withholds.

q After all teachers have signed the Clearance Form, the student must return the form to the Registrar's Office

Actual release date

3. Student must clear all outstanding obligations:

q Textbooks must be returned to the class/teacher.

q Library materials must be returned to the library.

q Payment of all financial obligations must be paid in the main office.

4. Collect the Release Packet from the Registrar's Office which will have the following documents:

q Clearance Form  (withdrawal grades)

q Transfer Form/Certificate of Release

q Class Schedule

q Report Cards/Progress Report

q Transcript

q Health Card

5. Bring the Release Packet to the new school and give it to the Registrar.