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UPDATE:  ...Underclassmen:  Friday, May 29th 8am to 11am. Pickup is at the trainers/weight room parking lot. Mahalo!  HIDOE announced today (Friday, April 17, 2020) the continuation of enrichment and distance learning through May 28, the last day of the 2019-20 school year. The decision was made based on the latest guidance and information from health officials and elected leaders.  Full news release here: For Emergency Inquiries please call - (808)664-0317......Please check our COVID-19 Information and Update Page below. Mahalo.............Message from Ms. Debralyn Arellanos and Miss Kristy Arakawa:  Lahainaluna High School Class of 2020 Seniors and Parents, here is our Google Voice Numbers: Debralyn - 708-967-6187 Kristy - 419-967-6188 We are concerned that you or your parents are not answering the phone. We suspect that it's because you don't recognize our Google Voice Number. Please save this Number. Mahalo!
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Need a transcript?
Complete the form and fax it to 808-662-3978 or email it to
Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
Do you need an official or unofficial transcript? What's the difference?
Official transcripts are stamped and signed by the registrar--these are mailed directly to the organization.
Unofficial transcripts are not signed by the registrar--these may be mailed, faxed, uploaded, or picked up.
How much is it?
For current students, the first two transcripts are free, each additional transcript will cost $1. Billing for current students will be at the end of the school year.  Please make payments at the main office using cash only.
Esteemed alumni, no charge!