Lahainaluna High School

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Friday, February 15:  There is no school today due to Teacher Institute Day and there is no school Monday due to the Presidents Day Holiday. School will resume on Tuesday, February 19th....  Effective next week Tuesday - All lunch/food drop offs MUST be done at the office between 11 and 12 noon.  The office will not accept food outside of this hour.  Parents/visitors are not allowed to meet you at the bus stop or anywhere else on campus. Food will not be accepted and visitors dropping off food will not be allowed on campus after 12:00.....Foodland Shop For Higher Education Scholarship Drive starts today Wednesday, February 6th till March 19th.. Please help us garner the top spot for our Class of 2019 Seniors. Our code is 7562.....Please mark your calendars. We are calling a mandatory Senior class ( and others who plan on graduation this year) meeting for Wednesday 20 February at 6 PM or Sunday 24 February at 3PM. Both meetings are at the school cafeteria (Hale Pa'ina). This meeting is mandatory for any student who plans on walking the line 26 May 2019. A parent/guardian is require to accompany their student. Must attend one of the two meeting times. Topics to be discussed are Senior Contract, diploma requirements, class advisory update, Project Graduation, and more...... For more on our school's events/news, check our Daily e-Bulletin....
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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

Lahainaluna will strive to provide all students with the knowledge and principles necessary to make them responsible citizens, appreciative of the arts, and aware of the diversity of our global environment.

As a school community, we pledge to challenge and to support all students and preserve the heritage that is Lahainaluna.

Schoolwide Common Core Values:

(Common Core State Standards Will Be Fully Implemented by 2014)

"We are RESPONSIBLE; We are RESPECTFUL; and We Seek Knowledge (DISCOVERY) with INTEGRITY"

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

Upon graduation students at Lahainaluna High School will:
  • Be responsible learners who:
    • Set personal and collective goals and work with others toward their achievements. 
    • Manage their time and work.
    • Take responsibility of their own actions and inaction.
    • Intergrate learning and apply it in real life situations.
    • Follow directions.
  • Understand that it is essential for humans beings to:
    • Work together
    • Demonstrate responsibility for self and to others.
    • Show respect for the rights of others.
    • Participate as productive members of the school community and as members of society.
  • Use complex thinking and problem solving to:
    • Apply problem-solving processes and critical thinking to real life scenarios.
    • Create images to represent significant concepts.
    • Analyze and apply new information.
    • Use technology effectively.
  • Recognize and produce quality performance and quality products to:
    • Create intellectual, artistic, practical and physical products.
    • Reflect originality, high standards, and use of advanced technology.
    • Utilize assessment tools in the production of quality products.
  • Be effective communicators who:
    • Utilize spoken and written communication.
    • Incorporate technology as a communication device.
    • Reflect self-expression and artistic appeal.
    • Demonstrate literacy.
  • Live 'Ohana with a:
    • Sense of giving.
    • Sense of sharing.
    • Sense of community.
Colors: Red & White
Nickname: Lunas
Established: September 5, 1831

Vision Statement:

Gather At This Place of Lahainaluna
Grasp the Flaming Torch of Excellence
And Let Us Move Forward Together
Lahainaluna High School is located approximately 500' in elevation above the town of Lahaina, on the island of Maui. Currently, the school has the following programs:
  • Established career pathway learning communities on campus. These pathways include Arts & Communication; Business Management & Technology (Academy of Hospitality and Tourism); Health & Medical services; Industry, Engineering & Technology; Ninth grade teams; and Natural Resources.
  • Intergrated "Po'okela", a mentor program.
  • Designed senior project curricula
  • Implemented, in school year 2007-08, a Transitions class to allow students to meet the Board of Education's graduation credit requirement for a personal transition plan.
  • Implemented, in school year 2009-10, AVID class. 

Philosophy of Lahainaluna High School:

Lahainaluna is a part of a society that is experiencing rapid change. Our school must provide students with the tools to cope that change. Our educational programs strive to be flexible and innovative, while retaining those programs which have proven effective in meeting our students' needs.
We recognize the importance of each student. All students can learn, and we must give them the opportunity to maximize their potential. We encourage students to think independently, to have a sense of responsibility for themselves and for society, and to experience the satisfactions and rewards that come from creativity.
The ultimate goal of our school is to instill a sense of dignity and self-worth in each student. We strive to develop in each student knowledge and appreciation of democratic principles. Everyone deserves equal opportunity, and we seek to protect students' rights.



  • We believe in excellence and equity in education.
  • We believe students can learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
  • We believe that the commitment to continuous improvement is imperative, to enable students to become confident, self directed lifelong learners. 
  • We believe standards with clear goals and high expectations for student achievement should guide curriculum strategies.
  • We believe education is a system made up of all components of our community interacting as one.