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Friday, February 15:  There is no school today due to Teacher Institute Day and there is no school Monday due to the Presidents Day Holiday. School will resume on Tuesday, February 19th....  Effective next week Tuesday - All lunch/food drop offs MUST be done at the office between 11 and 12 noon.  The office will not accept food outside of this hour.  Parents/visitors are not allowed to meet you at the bus stop or anywhere else on campus. Food will not be accepted and visitors dropping off food will not be allowed on campus after 12:00.....Foodland Shop For Higher Education Scholarship Drive starts today Wednesday, February 6th till March 19th.. Please help us garner the top spot for our Class of 2019 Seniors. Our code is 7562.....Please mark your calendars. We are calling a mandatory Senior class ( and others who plan on graduation this year) meeting for Wednesday 20 February at 6 PM or Sunday 24 February at 3PM. Both meetings are at the school cafeteria (Hale Pa'ina). This meeting is mandatory for any student who plans on walking the line 26 May 2019. A parent/guardian is require to accompany their student. Must attend one of the two meeting times. Topics to be discussed are Senior Contract, diploma requirements, class advisory update, Project Graduation, and more...... For more on our school's events/news, check our Daily e-Bulletin....
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Mr. Matthew O'Brien » Introduction to Physical Science and Geometry

Introduction to Physical Science and Geometry

Matt O'Brien
Science and Mathematics Teacher

Geometry (1 credit)

This course deals with the understanding and use of relationships among points, lines and figures and the processes of deductive and inductive reasoning. Students will learn to use relationships developed in this course to prove that relationships are true.

Into to Physical Science (1 credit)

Physical Science is a laboratory course that integrates major theories traditionally learned separately in Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Systems Science. Students use scientific investigation and study relationships between science, technology, and society to understand chemistry concepts that include physical and chemical properties of matter, the physical and chemical changes of matter, and the conservation of matter and energy; physics concepts focus on different forms of energy and energy transformations, relationships between force, mass and motion of objects and understanding the major natural forces of gravitational, electrical and magnetism. Students are to meet all benchmarks in Physical Science (P.S.) Content Standards 1, 2, 6, and 7.

The study of gravity with an 'Egg Drop' Competition in freshmen physical science class.

Other subjects addressed include Forces, Speed, Motion, Magnetism, Waves, Light and Chemistry. Science should be an educational experience as well as fun!