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Update:  On Friday, August 7, TA Principal Jeri Dean has sent a letter through mail to students and parents. Please check our news/announcement section below for a copy of the letter.  Mahalo! IMPORTANT REMINDER Lahainaluna High School start date 8/17 Aloha Lahainaluna Families! If you didn't get the message from the State Department of Education / Board of Education , the start date for all public school students in Hawai`i is August 17, 2020, including Lahainaluna. Details will be shared soon. As Soon As Possible , Please return all school forms including payment (with the exact amount in cash, money order, or cashier check). These were mailed to you in July. There is a drop box at the main office or you can mail them (980 Lahainaluna Road, Lahaina, HI   96761). Any questions call Lahainaluna High School 662-4000 Mahalo~ Aloha Lahainaluna `Ohana, Here is the link for students to request a class change.  ·         Students sign up for an appointment to meet with their grade level counselor, virtually.  ·         Once this form is submitted, please wait for their counselor to reach out by email or phone.  ·         Due to COVID-19, requests for a class change depends on space availability.  All questions please contact  your students grade level counselor.  Freshman 9th Counselor- Barry Takahashi   Sophomore 10th Counselor- Robert Hollifield   Junior 11th Counselor- Zyna Orong-   Senior 12th Counselor- Gary Reiss-   Lahainaluna High School 662-4000 and ask for grade level counselor........The Hawaii State Board of Education (BOE) took action on Thursday, July 30, 2020 to approve an Aug. 17 start date for Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) students. The delay allows for nine additional days of staff training before students return. Teachers reported back to work yesterday, July 29. For more information, please check the link below in our News and Announcements.  Mahalo......Students, Class schedule will be available on Wednesday, July 29th. Log on to your infinite campus account....  If you have any questions, please contact your grade counselor.  If you are unable to obtain the tentative schedule online, please pick up the schedule at our Student Activities Coordinator's office on Monday, August 3rd between 8am to 2pm. Mahalo!....  Please check our safety letter from Vice Principal Ian Haskins. Mahalo!   Please check our latest post from our school administration on the first two weeks of school followed by the 5 weeks of period 1. If you have any questions, please call (808) 662-4000 during 8am to 4pm. Mahalo and please share!....Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, We have posted information on Bus Passes, Class Schedule, Yearbook, School IDs, Free and Reduced Lunch, School Meals and More. For more information, please call (808) 662-4000 M-F 8am to 4pm.  Principal Opening School Letter uploaded on July 10, 2020.  If you have any questions, please call (808) 662-4000. Mahalo!.........BOARDING DEPARTMENT UPDATE: Aloha friends and families. Please be informed that Lahainaluna High School is intent on having our boarders return next year. However, we are currently in a proposal phase with the State and Dept. of Health on what reopening will look like. It is our priority to open with guidelines and procedures that will provide the utmost safety for our boarders and staff. We look forward to sharing information to our boarding ohana soon. Mahalo!
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Students » School Policies

School Policies

School Policies

Other Important /Amended School Policies

  • Attendance: Students who cut a class will be given 3 hrs of detention.  The school administration will identify cuts from the daily attendance sheet as they do for tardies(1 hr of detention).  It will be up to the student to correct any mistakes with the reporting teacher.  Students will need to bring a note from the teacher to Mr. Simms that the class absence was incorrectly reported.  Administration will then check with the reporting teacher before remove the 3 hrs of detention from the student's requirements. Detention will be worked off after school. Detention hours will NOT be worked off during lunch.  Students must contact Ms. Hawea Kahahane to schedule detention time.
  • Student ID: If a student lost their ID or forgot it at home, they need to go see Mr. Simms in his office and leave collateral. This applies to ALL DAYS (uniform and Free Fridays). If the student is caught after the first class of the day, they will be assessed ISS! Lanyards can be school issued or the student's personal ones now. Students must keep the ID and lanyard visible at all times. 
  • ALL SCHOOL BUS RIDERS: School Bus Pass business will be done ONLY during morning recess and at lunch/lunch recess. Do not come in the morning, during class time and/or after school. Mahalo!


STUDENT OFF-CAMPUS PASSES (PLC: Permission to Leave Campus)


Students leaving campus during the school day for personal business
must present a WRITTEN REQUEST (No Phone Calls Please) to the
attendance office IN ADVANCE; no later than 8:00am the morning of.
The note should include student name, grade, reason for leaving, time
leaving, parent name and contact number. The attendance office will
attempt to make contact with parents/guardians to verify all letters
received. All letters must be verified in order for PLC’s to be approved
(meaning parents will need to verify the letter. If we do not get in contact
with parent, the student may not be granted his/her PLC).
Passes to leave campus will be issued for the following reasons:

Medical or dental appointments verified by an appointment card or
note from the doctor or dentist

Illness substantiated by the school Health Aide (all sick students must
report to the health room. Our Health aide will administer to the
sick/injured student and make contact with parent if student needs to be
sent home. Parents should not be calling the attendance office to request
for PLC for their child. The health aide will determine whether they need
to be sent home or not.

Driver licensing (verification from DMV required upon returning to

Family emergencies (administration approval needed)

ALL last minute PLC’s may require parents to physically come and sign
out the student for verification purposes. Students who have a valid
driver’s license and will be driving themselves home, will need a written
waiver from the parent/guardian authorizing them to drive home.