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Lahainaluna Science Olympiad Team advances to state finals

Aloha All,
Congratulations to the Lahainaluna Science Olympiad team as they advance to the Hawaii State Science Olympiad tournament, which will be held on April 6, 2024, at UH Manoa Campus.
Event Results:
Anatomy and Physiology, 1st Place: Carmela Mei Bonifacio and M.Jee Abarra
Chem Lab, 1st Place: Emily Hegrenes and Carmela Mei Bonifacio 
Microbe Mission: 1st Place: Carla Agrade and M.Jee Abarra
Tower:  2nd Place: Carla Agrade and Sofia Nebrida
Experimental Design: 2nd Place: Sofia Nebrida and  Samantha Monnett
Forestry, 3rd Place: Zabree Neizman and Sofia Nebrida
Air Trajectory, 3rd Place: Judy Dela Cruz and Carla Agrade
Wind Power, 3rd Place: Owen Hegrenes and Kamden Hart
Ecology, 3rd Place: Giselle Ganoot and Giana Bayudan
Codebusters, 3rd Place: Owen Hegrenes and Samantha Monnett
Write It Do It, 3rd Place: Giselle Ganoot and Giana Bayudan
Dynamic Planet, 3rd Place: Emily Hegrenes and Owen Hegrenes
Kevin Tenison
Kaitlyn Scheib
CJ Ancheta