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Letter from Principal Carosso 11-2-23

Lahainaluna ʻOhana,


It’s been great these past couple of weeks having students and staff back on campus at Lahainaluna. While resuming school in no way solves all the challenges our community faces, we hope the small sense of normalcy Lahainaluna has provided has given some positivity and hope for families. 


Now that we’ve gotten settled on campus, we would like to offer students displaced by the wildfires the opportunity to enroll in our Boarding Program. Even though busing is provided from Central and South Maui, we understand that option may be very burdensome for families and long and difficult for kids. We also overwhelmingly heard our displaced students say they wanted to be at Lahainaluna and not other high schools on island. If this is true of your student, the Boarding Program may be a solution for your family.


  • As people’s housing situations are dynamic, applications will be accepted throughout the school year

  • Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis

  • Available space is limited and dependent on staffing levels

  • Students accepted will be full-fledged Boarding students, and students and families will be required to follow all Boarding Program rules and expectations

  • The Boarding Program runs from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon (with some select weekends)

  • Boarders are required to maintain their buildings and surrounding areas, and after school time is dedicated to this and other responsibilities and programs.


The Boarding Program is synonymous with Lahainaluna, and its history is rich with tradition and pride. If this is something you’re family might be interested in, you can direct questions to Rae Matsumoto at (808) 727-6400 during school hours, or return the attached application to:


Lahainaluna Boarding Department

980 Lahainaluna Road

Lahaina, HI 96761


Lahainaluna Boarding Application - Amended