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September 13th Principal Carosso Update

Lahainaluna Families and Students,


The staff has been working hard these past three days in preparation for having our students on the Kūlanihākoʻi campus tomorrow. While we can never expect everything to go perfectly, the enthusiasm and excitement of the staff to see their students again will be evident the entire day.


Here are a few notes to help it go as smoothly as possible:


  • We will be operating as Lahainaluna High school and maintain our own identity as a unified community. 

  • The number for the Lahainaluna office staff is 808-727-6711 

  • The school day will run from 7:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. daily.

  • Free bus service from West and Central Maui to Kūlanihākoʻi is available starting tomorrow. Here is a link to the State Plan and Application.

  • For those driving their students, drop-off and pick-up will happen in front of the main office on Kūlanihākoʻi campus, Building A.  Kūlanihākoʻi Campus Map

  • Students who drive may park in Parking Area 3. Please bring your license, registration, and proof of insurance to the main office for a free parking pass.

  • All students report in the morning to Building D - Cafeteria by 7:45 a.m.

  • Breakfast and lunch are free for all Lahainaluna students for at least the First Quarter.

Thursday will be an orientation and reconnection day. A campus tour, new copy of your schedule, social-emotional support, and to supply kids with what they need are all planned. We’re trying very hard to make sure all our kids have everything necessary to be successful back in school, so if you already have, great. If you don’t, please don’t worry. When we ask what you need, technology, uniforms, supplies, etc., just tell us and we’ll make it happen as quickly as we can.

I am very excited that as guests on the ​​Kūlanihākoʻi campus we have the opportunity to show our love and pride in school and community to our hosts. It will be different, it will be challenging, but we still represent Lahaina and Lahainaluna, stewards of a rich history and builders of a bright future.

ʻO Kēia Ke Kukui Pio ʻOle I Ka Makani o Kauaʻula

I Mua