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Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Wrestling Team at the 2023 MIL Wrestling Championships

Congratulations to our girls wrestling team as they captured the MIL girls wrestling championship title this past weekend at Shine Matsui Athletic Compex.  Our boys came in second place for the MIL boys wrestling championship.  Here are the individual results:


Team—1. Lahainaluna 188 points,

107—1. Naiomi Kulukulualani-Sales, Lahainaluna; 

112–1. Kailah Caballero, Lahainaluna; 

117— 4. Hiwa Kapu-Biga,Lahainaluna.

122–1. Kivah Caballero, Lahainaluna; 

127–1. Siana Boaz-Vasquez, Lahainaluna; 

132–1. Teani Medeiros-Maielua, Lahainaluna;

138–1. Crystin-Dior Treu, Lahainaluna; 

145– 2. Shansi Boaz-Vasquez, Lahainaluna; 

155–2. Brianna Kapu, Lahainaluna;

168–2. Reese O’Neal, Lahainaluna;

184–1. Catherine Asami, Lahainaluna; 

225–1. Casey-Ann Ross, Lahainaluna.



Team— 2. Lahainaluna 163, 

106 pounds—1. Ryder Armitage, Lahainaluna;

126—3. Kekuhi Lindsey, Lahainaluna; 

145–2. Giovanni Baltazar-Membrilla, Lahainaluna;

152–4. Hunter Cuaresma, Lahainaluna.

160–2. Ikaika Gonzales, Lahainaluna; 

170–1. Chaser Boaz, Lahainaluna; 

182–1. Jackson Hussey, Lahainaluna; 

195–1. Keawe Kane-Keahi, Lahainaluna;

220–1. Sanalio Vehikite, Lahainaluna; 

285– 2. Tama Palau-Agdeppa, Lahainaluna; 3. Ezekiel

Kanemitsu-Gomez, Lahainaluna.

I Mua Lahainaluna!