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AP Exams Information **Important**

Attention AP students:
Please make sure that you check the Windows/Mac specs for your desktop or laptop. Personal Chromebook will not work with this AP exam, only school issued Chromebook will work due to a feature missing on your personal Chromebook.
Please remember that there will not be anyone available to help you with tech issues on exam day so you need to check your computers now while we have time to find a fix or issue a replacement Chromebook.
Mr. Shigaki needs time to set up Chromebook in case you need them for AP testing so the deadline to request a school Chromebook is Monday, April 12. 
On Thursday, April 8, you will be able to download the program for the AP exam. Please do so immediately and go through the setup process. This will help you navigate the exam so you know what to do on exam day. If you find any glitches or you find that you cannot download the program please contact Miss Kristy asap. 
This online AP exam is different from the AP exam you may have taken during lockdown last year. 
Please share the information with your AP classmates and friends. 
How to check if your operating system will work on the test:
Windows must be Windows 10:  
Macs must be OS 10.7 or above:
(Note: I highly recommend not to update their Operating system for Macs because once they update it, some of their programs will not work and there is no way to revert back to the old operating system).
They cannot use their personal Chromebook. It has to be a school issued one.
For Windows browsers (Chrome or Mozilla) and Mac (Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari), they need to have the following browsers:
Google Chrome – Version 60 or above 
Mozilla Firefox – Version 50 or above 
Safari (for Mac) – Version 10.1 or above  
To check:
Google Chrome:  
For Chrome and Mozilla, they will automatically update the browser when they do the steps above.  For Safari, they need to update it using itunes or Apple app store.
Please check the attached form also.
If your computer does not meet these requirements please let Miss Kristy know immediately, you will need to borrow a Chromebook from the school. Dates for Chromebook pick up has not been set, we need to know how many students will need a school Chromebook first.