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Mr. T.C. Luckey » Architectural Design and Engineering Technology

Architectural Design and Engineering Technology

Starting School Year 2021-2022, CTE is phasing out the previous Engineering Technology and Design Technology classes as well as reorganizing Industrial and Engineering Technology.  In the new system, these classes are part of their own Pathway called Architectural Design and Engineering Technology.
Summary of the new POS (Programs of Studies):
- This replaces the previous Design Technology classes.  Unlike Design Tech, the new POS will be focused on Architectural Design instead of more open design content meaning less variety and scope of projects will be available in favor of more focused content for students that want to be architects.
- This replaces the current Engineering Technology classes.  The new program eliminates most Electrical Engineering content and all Computer engineering content.  The focus in on Mechanical content as well as putting a focus on academic information like math/science.