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Aloha from T.A. Principal Daniel Espaniola

Aloha Lahainaluna High School, Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents and Community,

It has been an honor and privilege to be the Temporarily Assigned Principal here at Lahainaluna High for this school year 2016-2017. Lahainaluna High School, its students, faculty, staff, and community are very special and will always be an important part of my educational growth as an administrator. I appreciate all the support of the school and the community. Lahaina is a place rich with tradition and culture and it should be rightfully honored. I believe the people here do a great job to preserve the heritage of this special place.
As we gather at this place of Lahainaluna, we grasp the torch of Excellence, and together let us move forward together.

Aloha and Best Wishes!
Daniel Espaniola
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Graduation 2017 Information

Graduation Reminders:

White dress or white top and skirt
White shoes-no slippers or athletic
shoes and NO HEELS
No leis or flowers
White Collared shirt
Black Dress Slacks
Black Dress shoes
Black tie
No leis or flowers

● Each graduating senior will receive 4 reserved seating tickets. Your other guests may sit or stand in the area beside or behind the reserved section.
● Each graduate will receive 1 “drop-off pass” to allow driver to drop off graduates in student parking lot. All parking will be down the hill off-campus in the dirt parking or LIS.
● Tickets and drop-off pass will be passed out during the Friday practice
● Only cars with VIP or handicapped pass will be allowed to park on campus.
● Parking is a first come, first serve basis
● Handicapped parking requires an official, current, handicapped placard.
● Gates will open at 5:00pm
● Student Parking lot will be open from 5pm-6:20pm for drop-off only. No parking will be allowed in the Student Parking Lot.
● No big signs or balloons will be allowed in the stadium. No tents or mats will be allowed anywhere on campus.
● No bbq grills, open flames, hot plates, or cooking of any kind allowed.
● A section of the Student Parking Lot will be available for family member and friends to wait and watch any big items that are not allowed in the stadium. The school will not be responsible for any lost or destroyed items.

● Ladies: Report to the Chorus Room and gentlemen to rooms X26 and X25 (Ms. Jacinto and Mr. Akahi) by 5:30pm on May 21st. There will be faculty to assist you with your ties, collars, etc. and to ensure that you are dressed properly. You cannot walk the line if you are out of dress code.

● Please do not forget to bring your caps, gowns, and tassels. Do not write on your caps or gowns.
● Please bring three(3) safety pins, and a few bobby pins (even guys) to secure the caps to your head and the gown collars to your gown.
● Wear your tassel on the right side before graduation. You’ll move it to the left side during the tasseling ceremony at graduation.
● Your caps need to be worn flat with the point above your eyebrows.
● Do not wear any embellishments on your gown, except for official school wear (chords, medals, etc.)
● Please don’t chew gum
● No sunglasses
● Anyone not in dress code will be pulled from the line.
● At 6:15, the graduating men will be lead down to the stairs….
● Please line up quietly and conduct yourself with pride as you walk to the field.
● Keep your caps on at all times.
● When you receive your diplomas, look directly at the presenters, say thank you, and shake hands.

Please remind your family and friends in the reserved seating section to remain seated during the Commencement Ceremony.
No coolers will be allowed. Please remind guests that this is an alcohol, drug, and tobacco free event. MPD Officers will be on campus enforcing all rules.

General Information
● Gates open at 4:00pm.
● General Parking is at LIS
● Shuttles will be available at 5:00pm to transport you to LHS.
● NO CARS WILL ENTER CAMPUS (PARKING PASS OR NOT) AFTER 6:20pm. Parking available at Lahaina Intermediate.
Senior Drop off
● Seniors drop off by 5:30pm
● All Seniors to be dropped off at the student parking lot. Seniors driving themselves will park in the dirt parking lot (must use red pass) and will be shuttled to campus from 4:30-5:30pm.
● Each senior will receive one parking pass (red) that will enable a parent to drop them off at student parking, then park in the dirt lot below campus.
● Parents set up leis in student parking lot behind coned areas. Drop off and set up must be done before 6:20pm. NO PARKING! NO TENTS,NO MATS, NO POUNDING IN THE GROUND or on poles, NOT responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged. Must clean up at the end of evening. Stay behind coned area for safety, as traffic will be passing through.
● Drop off on the side of your letter, the mauka or makai side. (see map attached for lettering). Please try to pull forward as to keep the flow of traffic moving.

Handicap Parking:
● Must have VISIBLE current official state issued handicap sticker/pass
● Parking in Admin (Shuttle available )
● Parking by band room before 6pm.
● Must have parking pass (Blue) No entrance to lot after 6pm.
Volunteers and Project Grad Volunteers:
● Parking below Cafe or dirt parking lot
● Must have parking pass (Bright yellow)

● Park below Cafe or dirt parking lot
● RSVP for parking pass from Pakalana (Bright yellow)
Student volunteers
● Park in dirt parking lot by softball field. Must have parking pass (Red)
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A&B/Maui News MIL Sports Spotlight Student Athletes Honored.

Congratulations to our student athletes who were recognized at the A&B, Maui News Sports spotlight dinner at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on Monday, May 15, 2017. The students were featured on the Maui News this school year on sports and academics. Special thanks to trainer Jonathan Conrad for the picture. I mua Lahainaluna!
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Lahainaluna High School Music Performing Arts Aloha Concert

Save the Date! The Lahainaluna High School Music Performing Arts will be having their ALOHA Concert on Sunday, May 7th 6pm at our gym. The admission is free is so please attend. We will be having performances from our band, choir, Jazz band, winter guard, and woodwind ensemble. The ensemble is comprised with alumni, our woodwind students, and students from Lahaina Intermediate. Come and bid Aloha to our class of 2017 seniors. It’s a night you’ll never forget.
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Lahainaluna High School Film Festival

Hey Lunas! You are all invited to attend the first Lahainaluna Film Festival on May 12, starting from 7pm to 9pm. It will showcase a film of genres such as comedy, action, & hype videos. A three-course meal will be included as well during the event. You can now purchase pre- ordered tickets at Da Store for $12. Don't miss it! See you there!
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